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Individual Private Breathwork Session

  • ​2+ hour session

  • Virtual - Zoom

  • Austin, TX in Person 

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All are welcome to come and experience the powerful clearing and transformational energy of conscious circular connected breathing.
The breath is a teacher and connector to truth, deeper connection, letting go, and clarity and so much more!!!

Benefits of Breathwork:
• Calms Mind

• Stress Relief

• Anxiety Relief
• Clarity
• More vitality
• Resets the parasympathetic nervous system - the body’s natural healing process
• Reduces stress, increases energy, aliveness and sense of overall well-being
• Enhances creativity & expression
• Increases one's experience of inner peace & surrender
• Heals past wounds
• Reprograms the body
• Releases stored emotions & memories
• Increases flow, ease, joy and pleasure in life and relationships

About Breathwork {Rebirthing}:
Breathwork {Rebirthing} is a skillful tool that teaches you to gently breathe yourself through tension, pain, drama, fear and trauma, until you reach peace and relaxation. Breathwork heals the breathing mechanism which means people release and heal a big part of “what they were holding on to” and then flow freely in their bodies (physical body, mental-emotional bodies, and energetic body). When we release the breath, we melt the main layers of tension and stress due to past emotional traumas, infancy and birth memories. This experience can be described as an effortless merging of the inhale and exhale; the breathe breathes you. When a person has this experience they will breathe more fully and freely for the rest of their life.

Group Circles:

1.5+ - 2+ hours -  I offer various Group Breathwork Circles via Zoom or in-person 

The Group Circles are at various rates.  I post the most updated Group Circles on Facebook  and can be found here with the details in the event descriptions:


"I am a recovered drug addict and I would say practicing Breathwork on a regular basis has helped save my life. I have got to learn skills which help me relax, and yet also assist me in journeying into my psyche ,enabling me to delve deep into uncovering some psychological triggers and traumas, allowing me to heal these areas of my life. I highly recommend breathwork to anyone interested in emotional healing, self-care, spirituality and internal physiological care. I find for me, Breathwork is a healing technique which, in my opinion, will revolutionize how mental disorders are treated in the future."
Sara Egert ROCKS!!!!!! 


"Working with Sara has truly been transformational. She guides you through a breathwork experience that feels safe and welcoming. I highly recommend this modality of healing and Sara will make you feel right at home within yourself. She holds space like no other."

- Kirsten Grohs - Atlanta 

"I had the opportunity to attend one of Sara's breathwork sessions in Atlanta, GA. I must say that it was an experience I will always remember. Sara is a bright light shining in this world which creates a sense of immediate safety when in a room with her. She thoroughly explained the breathwork process. It can feel very uncomfortable at first, but if you listen and trust you can create a healing journey for yourself. I have never been so relaxed in my life. Sara took us step by step explaining how to breathe and what we could expect from the experience. It was almost like an out of body moment. I was having insights into my own healing while lying there. Sara walked around to each participant whispering insights that she intuitively knew or was witnessing. Once the session was over it was like I was walking on clouds. I felt lighter knowing that something had shifted in my body. I truly felt a sense of restoration. Sara is an amazing guide. If you have the opportunity to attend one of her sessions, do yourself a favor and sign up." 

- Lindsey Lang, Certified Life Coach

My spiritual "kaboom" in a private breathe session

Sara serendipitously entered my life via social media, which I am normally not too fond of, but my intuition said YES; thus I signed up for a breathwork workshop in Woodstock, area, Portland, OR, in 2019. I had done pranayama in various forms before, but was intrigued by a different form of Breathwork. I liked Sara's approach, her energy, the variety she included and her beautiful sparkle in her eyes teaching the class. I signed up for more classes. Each one was a different experience. Then Covid hit and Sara started to offer breathwork via zoom. First, I was hesitant, but I knew that in the end energy defies time, space and so it was. The breathwork shops I attended via zoom were still great, again, each one seemed different, depending on what I was working on at the time.

For my 57th birthday, I received a private  in person session from Sara. Yes, still during Covid, but I trusted her implicitly regarding safety and holding space for what I was going through, namely a breast cancer scare, impending surgery to find out more. Juicy emotional times. I can barely describe the emotional support I received: I  felt supported, cared for, held in love and compassion. My journey was filled with love, with grace, peace and smiles. I remember lying on the comfy mat, cozily covered with plush blankets, thinking : this is the spiritual kaboom of bliss! And Sara is the combination of Ra meeting Champagne bubbles, bubbly, happy sun energy of which you always need more.

If you are ever so lucky to be in Portland, or wherever Sara is, and can receive a private breathe: Do it! 

- Katharina C., Portland, Oregon

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